Special Local Procedures

There are a few local things that, as visiting pilots, you must be aware of to avoid complaints (and a comment!!):-

 Clyst Honiton Noise Abatement

Just off the western end of the main runway at Exeter, there is a village called Clyst Honiton. When taking off from Rwy 26, you are usually in the region of 500 feet above threshold elevation by the time you get there. The villagers are (generally) supportive of the airport and operators, and we would like it to stay that way, so we ask that when you make your turn after departure that you do it either before you get to Clyst Honiton, or after you have passed it. This will avoid your flying straight down the High Street and creating an unnecessary noise intrusion.

Airside Safety

 Whether you park on the grass in the summer or the South Apron in the winter you will have to cross the active taxiway to get to the security gate.  Please understand that Exeter is an active commercial airport - please wear High Viz jackets and keep to the marked walkways at all times when airside.


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